Telling Women’s Stories, Past & Present

Hello! My name is Sienna Vittoria Lee-Coughlin, and I am a professional lifestyle journalist, history MA student, and women's history blogger. Welcome to my online portfolio, where you will find my latest story clippings, links to web content, and historical academic essays.


I have a degree in journalism, over three years of experience writing for print and digital publications, and a love for the written word. I am always on the hunt for a new angle on a timeless story.


If you're looking for someone to give your writing a face-lift, you're in the right place. I have an innate allergy to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and an eye for editorial style. I can help you clean up your copy.


Check out Lost in Time, where I blog about my love for all things bookish and historical. You will find musings on arts & culture, life, style, and travel explored through the lens of nostalgia.

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